Wave Pattern Throw Rug

This is my latest project,  a repeating wavy design in greens and browns, 'Aussie' style colours.

I made a Flora de Flora for my daughter's wedding gift, but she prefers a simpler style, so I've gone back to a relatively simpler style of project.

I love this design and have used it a number of times in various projects, including my  hot colours stripey blanket.

It is tempting to add different patterns, but I have to hold myself back to consider my daughter's preferences.  I have however, indulged myself with some intermittent 'texture' stripes including loops, tufts  and chain tabs to suggest grasses, pebbles, wildflowers and such like.

The yarn is mostly acrylic, some half and half in order to extend the colour range.  I've used a 4mm hook, to keep the fabric fairly firm to withstand stretching over use and laundering.

The wave pattern is just 2 repeating rows, repeating  over 14 stitches.


Row 1: (RS) *3dc, 1htr, 2tr, 5dtr, 2tr, 1htr* repeat to end, change colour if desired, otherwise ch1, turn

Row 2: dc in each stitch to end, change colour


Row 1: (RS) *3sc, 1hdc, 2dc, 5tr, 2dc, 1hdc* repeat to end, change colour if desired, otherwise ch1, turn

Row 2: sc in each stitch to end, change colour.

3 thoughts on “Wave Pattern Throw Rug

  1. Absolutely superb Di.. I am so fortunate to have the pleasure each day, of your beautiful Yarn Work.

  2. What a beautiful pattern! I have been crocheting granny squares since I was 10 until my MIL convinced me to try new things. She started showing me new stitches and passed away before I have ever felt good enough to actually complete a project. Projects like yours keep me going! I’m happy to say, I’m 61 now and love crocheting still! Thank you for sharing your talents with “newbies” like me!

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