Just a Bag Lady at Heart!

I love bags!  In a tiny way, part of my life has been a search for the 'perfect' bag!  Not gonna happen of course!

Now I am more interested in creating lovely, handmade, eco-friendly, and unique bags for those who appreciate them!

So when DD, a newly qualified Yogi, asked about carry bags for her yoga mats, I was very happy to put the creative juices to work!

The gallery below has two bags, both 100% cotton, canvas on the outside, homespun on the inside.  Both are 67 cm in length, and the Elephant bag is of larger diameter (20cm), the Cactus bag a bit smaller, (18cm).  both have inner and outer zippered pockets, and adjustable carry straps.

One thought on “Just a Bag Lady at Heart!

  1. This has been a great way to use up stashed fabrics from patchwork days, and the huge amount of haberdashery inherited from my Mum, also an amazing craftswoman.
    The textile talent, and the appreciation of it, has certainly been passed down, to myself and my sister, and some of our nieces and nephews…

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