Yarn Bomb for Art Vault – Take II

(Copy requested by local paper)

Local textile artist Di Mann-Povey brought a touch of colour to Deakin Avenue recently with a ‘Yarn Bomb’ installation.  Assisted by her friend, Sandra Bolton, from Geelong; Mann-Povey was discovered by our photographer, adding the finishing touches to her artwork.

The work was inspired by another recent Mildura exhibition, “Voice of a River,” inviting the response of artists to the crisis confronting our local river system.  It reflects on a time when the rivers ran clear and were healthy and abundant with life, both flora and fauna.  The ‘tree-wrapping’ consists of hand knitted tubes, representing the two rivers, and is embellished with vibrantly coloured hand knitted and embroidered fish.

“Yarn Bombing has become popular with textile artists from all over the world, and is quite common now in towns small and large,” says Di.  “You can yarn-bomb anything, from a parking meter to a train, which happened recently to the old goldfields train in Walhalla!  It’s a lot of fun, and you have some interesting conversations with passers-by!”

The work was commissioned by Julie Chambers, proprietor of local art gallery Art Vault, and is located right out front for those who would like to take a closer look.

And just to reassure tree lovers, no, it doesn’t hurt the tree, and it will be taken down in a few weeks’ time!

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