Yarn Bomb for Art Vault

Very happy to be working on this project, coinciding with Art Vault Print Triennial. Project started on October 30, in 30 plus heat, but great to be working in the shade (thanks to the tree!), and hope to complete project in the early morning cool of the next day!

I have to admit this is my first tree project, and I am relishing the opportunity to employ some of my colourful samplers!  This project was aimed at using up some of my acrylic yarns, as I mostly prefer to work with natural fibres.  However, acrylics do have advantages in terms of surviving the weather, and I will  be interested to see how it works during the next week or so of maintenance and refurbishment.

Also rather fun to interact with Art Vault staff,visiting artists, and passersby who are are happy to stop for a chat or ask for directions!
Click on any picture below for slide show!

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