I am fascinated by waterlilies.  I am not sure if they are native to Australia, and in time I will walk down that meandering path with Dr Google, but in the meantime, here are some things that about them that intrigue me

  • the way they provide shelter for pondfish, although my pond is way too small apparently, and all they do is send out lots of leaves, and never a flower!
  • seeing them in one part of the Murray river where I walk, mad with blossoms, and providing a 'walkway' for the little river birds and chicks who skitter about on the 'mat' of water lily leaves
  • the beautiful poem by Henry Lawson, about a bereaved mother, set to music by a few, including U.S musician, Priscilla Herdman, in her 1987 album The Water Lily, https://open.spotify.com/album/5iuRmCaqR2HvhTg3cJfu3q
    • A lonely young wife
      In her dreaming discerns
      A lily-decked pool
      With a border of ferns,
      And a beautiful child,
      With butterfly wings,
      Trips down to the edge of the water and sings:
      ‘Come, mamma! come!
      ‘Quick! follow me—
      ‘Step out on the leaves of the water-lily!’
      And the lonely young wife,
      Her heart beating wild,
      Cries, ‘Wait till I come,
      ‘Till I reach you, my child!’
      But the beautiful child
      With butterfly wings
      Steps out on the leaves of the lily and sings:
      ‘Come, mamma! come!
      ‘Quick! follow me!
      ‘And step on the leaves of the water-lily!

      And the wife in her dreaming
      Steps out on the stream,
      But the lily leaves sink
      And she wakes from her dream.
      Ah, the waking is sad,
      For the tears that it brings,
      And she knows ’tis her dead baby’s spirit that sings:
      ‘Come, mamma! come!
      ‘Quick! follow me!
      ‘Step out on the leaves of the water-lily!’

Anyhow, I was irresistibly drawn to finding a crochet pattern to make these little babies, and thanks to make my day creative  here are my first two efforts, along with a pic of a Mildura Murray water lily.  These motifs have not yet been blocked, so still look a little messy, and I am debating about whether or not to set them with a starching agent...stay tuned!


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